Sprouts —Just add Water!

Sulforaphane. Super Sprouted. Antioxidant Skincare.

Apothecary. Hand-pressed. 21 Herb Infusion.

Our Growing Process is Simple.

Rooted In Tradition.

satisfied customers

The Broccoli Sprout Aloe Oil has been life-changing. It feels like a youth serum. After 25 years as a devoted client of the Mario Badescu facial skincare line, using a toner, serum, day cream, night cream, and neck cream, it is transformative to be able to use just one product for my face and neck: this incredible oil. I love that it is made from living sprouts that contribute to the diversity of the skin biome (like the gut biome), and I love the way it makes my skin glow without being greasy. It also feels right to use just one natural apothecary product—you even have to give it a quick shake because it has no artificial emulsifiers—instead of multiple products made from way too many ingredients. I round out my new, streamlined facial skincare routine with the light but highly effective Broccoli Sprout Eye Cream and the gently foaming and moisturizing Phyto Nutrient Cleanser. For my body, as a woman in my mid 50s, I’ve been thrilled to discover the Broccoli Sprout herbal salve. It totally erases the crepey lines on my upper arms for hours at a time. It has become a must for when I wear tank tops, sundresses and bikinis. I also want to give a shout-out to the Broccoli Sprout deodorant. I had given up on natural deodorants because they just weren’t as effective as chemical drugstore brands, but this one actually works!

Christina K, Chicago IL

LOVE the skin salve & deodorant... Looking forward to trying more of yours products.


These sprouts make for a wonderful salad. They are a great accompaniment to frozen pizza to round out a healthy, quick meal.


I had a rash on my back. I’ve tried Neosporin, cortisone cream and none of it worked. Then I tried Jonathan’s Sprouts broccoli infused skin cream and the rash went away! It worked beautifully!

Satisfied customer in Maine