operating from a historic New England barn renovated for food production in scenic Southeastern MA. Now celebrating 45 years, Jonathan’s enjoys strong partnerships with retailers who have been loyal customers since the beginning. As a pioneer sprout company, Jonathan’s has built an unsurpassed reputation for quality, service and dependability.

45 year impeccable reputation

1984 – Founded New England Sprout Growers Association 

1989 – Created International Sprout Growers Association

1990’s – Began developing safe growing protocals with the FDA

I believe that sprouts can play a major role in reducing the world’s hunger problems. They can be grown in any climate or environment and they contain maximum nutrient density after only one week of sprouting.

           ~Liz Reilley, Co-Owner/ President


A History of Excellence

From the start, Jonathan’s has been leading the charge on sprout safety.  Co-founders Bob and Barbara Sanderson have been working with the FDA since the 1990′s to develop protocols for safe growing practices. The Sandersons are also strong believers in collaborating with sprout grower colleagues and consequently founded the New England Sprout Growers Association in 1984.  They have built an outstanding reputation throughout the country, as well as internationally.

Setting Industry Standards

In 1989, the Sanderson’s helped to create the International Sprout Growers Association (ISGA). Both Barbara and Bob have been past Presidents. The Sanderson’s were also instrumental in the creation of the Sprout Safety Task Force which brought the FDA, ISGA and IFSH (Institute for Food Safety and Health) together to create sprout safety standards, support food safety science and strengthen the sprout industry. 

As Co-Owner and President, Liz Reilley is devoted to keeping the company connected to its roots.  While increasing the availability of sprouts in supermarkets and through food service buyers, Liz can also be found enthusiastically serving sprout salads at college campuses, vegetarian festivals, health shows and green fairs, as well as using social media to educate consumers about this miraculous source of living foods.

Rich Wolfe manages operations for Jonathan’s and keeps the company grounded financially.

Jonathan’s is committed to maintaining jobs in the community and quality sprouts in the marketplace.


Rich Wolfe

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Elizabeth Reilley

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Madison Aguiar

Marketing Director
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Derek Sansoucy

Facilities Manager
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Manuel Cunha

National Account Manager
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Joshua Pinzino

Plant Manager
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Rose Fernandes

Production Supervisor
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Lauren Johnson

Food Safety Compliance Officer
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Glenn Souza

Greenhouse Manager
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Lindsey Thibault

Administration/ Customer Service

Melody DeCosta

 Logistics & Office Manager

Tom McEachern

Freetown Plant Manager

Sprouted Antioxidants


I battled against chronic allergies and asthma throughout my teens and twenties. I couldn’t even play outdoors because of the grass on the ground and the pollen in the air.  I changed from a standard American diet to a 100% organic, vegan, raw food diet. I started juice fasting and cleansing. And then after a two week period I was amazed that my asthma was gone. I could also, for the first time, breathe through both nostrils—I hadn’t been able to do that ever!

Steve Meyerowitz

Sprout Fan

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