Organic Microgreens

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When sprouted, seeds and beans have a burst of growth, converting starches to simple sugars and increasing essential plant nutrients. They contain an abundance of highly active antioxidants that prevent DNA destruction and protect us from the ongoing effects of aging.

Microgreens are not the same as Sprouts, they are harvested just after the cotyledon leaves have developed. Our Microgreens may be micro, but they pack a mega dose of nutrients and flavor. A perfect match with any dish; a nutritious and delicious way to boost your day!

The Original Superfood

Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease

Sulforaphane Has Anti-Cancer Properties

Boosts Immune Systems

Contains Phytochemical That Assists in Vision Health

Fiber Assists in Reduced Constipation 

Lower Cholesterol & Control Weight

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For over four decades, we have worked to create the perfect growing environment for each type of sprout. The seeds are placed in an ideal environment and watered on a specific schedule to promote best sprouting. You can find our high quality sprouts at your favorite grocery store. 

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