sprouted benefits


I battled against chronic allergies and asthma throughout my teens and twenties. I couldn’t even play outdoors because of the grass on the ground and the pollen in the air. I went to the best medical doctors—heads of their departments at major hospitals—but they were unable to help me. After 20 years of trying the best conventional treatments medicine had to offer, I did the only thing I could do, I broke free from the world of western medicine and explored other possibilities. The first place I looked was at what I was putting into my body. I changed from a standard American diet to a 100% organic, vegan, raw food diet. I started juice fasting and cleansing. And then after a two week period I was amazed that my asthma was gone. I could also, for the first time, breathe through both nostrils—I hadn’t been able to do that ever!

Steve Meyerowitz


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